@hasselblad_official neg scan from Sundays shoot with @anythinggoesapparel and @missericasousa

Cheese enjoying the alcoves

Screen grab from @anythinggoesapparel video of my shoot with @missericasousa yesterday. Shot on my @hasselblad_official 500C/M

@anythinggoesapparel shoot yesterday using my favourite @hasselblad_official camera

@elisha_crew auditioning for Greece the musical.

@emmabh47 @elisha_crew @slothpancake discussing feet and hobbit tendencies

@anythinggoesapparel @radwahlapetitpois @noddwin all wearing identical shoes to the BBQ

Love shooting with my #Canon 5D and Speedlights

Scan from my #hasselblad of @siripxrn down at vazon. Testing the difference between #Kodak and #Fuji

Kodak 200 film shot with Canon T50

Stole some shades

Tonight’s selection of cameras to try #hasselblad #canon #nikon

Beth @the_blackening down the beach this eve

Testing out the D800 #normallyusecanon #dontlikethebuttons